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Exchange Services


The Post Oak Farm Homeowners Association could sponsor a service exchange




The purpose of this program is to unify and build relationships among the Post

Oak Farm community through service to one another. It is through service that

friendships grow.



1. This program would benefit the Post Oak Farm residents.


2. It would be defined and refined by the POF leadership.


3. Judy Rix is willing to coordinate and implement this program.



This program could be implemented immediately. It could last for just one month in

order to measure the interest. It could extend for a longer period of time thereafter

if it works.


1. I suggest that a small “core” of neighbors meet together.


     a. At that time, the idea could be presented.


     b. An initial list of services needed and offered could be compiled by the

         “core” group. This would become the initial e-mail that would be sent to all



2. An initial e-mail would be sent to each resident asking them to assess their

family’s means and skills.


     a. Example: Rix’s have a great machine that picks up sweet gum balls. We call

         that machine one of our “means.” We would be willing to use our machine to help

         someone else clean up their yard of sweet gum balls in exchange for that neighbor

         providing a service for us or someone else.


     b. Example: If someone has the skill of making baby blankets, maybe she

         could offer to make a blanket for her neighbor’s new baby in exchange for that

         neighbor providing a service for her or someone else.

3. None of these kind acts would be paid for; they would simply be service for

service’s sake, for friendship’s sake.


     a. For example, there would be no Mary Kay makeovers, realtor’s appraisals,

         or anything that would eventually bring monetary benefits to the providers.


     b. This service would NOT be a means of benefiting the giver but simply of

         helping the receiver.

4. Those who would like to participate would send to Judy their contact info, their

needs info, and the services they are willing to provide. She will then send this out to

the POF e-mail list.


     a. Example:

         Joe and Mary Smith

         13204 W. 82nd St.

         Phone 913-492-5766



         We are willing to help our neighbors by:

         (1) Picking up sweet gum balls with our specialty machine.

         (2) Making a baby blanket for new babies.

         (3) Bringing a plate of scrumptious chocolate chip cookies.


         We would appreciate our neighbors’ expertise in:

         (1) Helping to organize a children’s birthday party.

         (2) Trimming a hedge.

     b. The letter would also invite other residents to join in the fun by contacting

          Judy and being included in the list.

          (1) Every time a neighbor has a new service to offer or a need to

                request, they will send that info to Judy.

          (2) Judy will then forward that to all POF residents.


    c. The givers and receivers could then contact each other to arrange their



5. It would be fun to invite participants to share their stories of service to one

another with Judy Rix. She could then compile them and send them out via the email tree. If good deed doers want to remain anonymous, that’s fine too.


6. One month after the program is implemented, the POF leadership could meet

together and discuss the value of continuing the service exchange idea.

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