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Pool Rules & Disciplinary Actions

Pool Rules

  1. Members must be current on their home association Dues and Pool Special Assessment Payments to be allowed admittance to the pool.​​

  2. Obey the lifeguards at all times. 

  3. Contact the Post Oak Pool Chair to receive an access card to the gate. If lost, replacement cards may be purchased in the amount of $25.

  4. Residents are not allowed to bring another resident that has not paid their dues as a guest to the pool.​

  5. Each household is limited to four (4) guests at a time. Residents may give another member of their extended family their Resident Access Card, if they cannot be there at the same time. 

  6. A person sixteen (16) or older must accompany all children under the age of twelve (12) years and those who cannot swim the length of the pool. All children, regardless of their age, may be asked to qualify with a lifeguard if there is any question of their swimming ability.​

  7. For ten (10) minutes every hour on the hour, pool users under 21 years old will exit the pool for a rest period. Adults may swim if they wish. Parents may take their baby or small child in the pool with them for swimming instruction during this time.​

  8. Open/close decisions due to inclement weather or dangerous conditions are the responsibility of the lifeguard. On rainy days, if the weather is still unsuitable for swimming at 7:30 p.m., the pool will close for the day.​

  9. Use the proper trash receptacles before you leave the pool. The Lifeguards are here to protect us and not to clean up after us.​

  10. The POFHOA has a designated smoking area on the east side of the pool. A sign is posted.​

  11. Contact the Pool Chairperson if you have any questions, problems, or concerns about the pool and its operation.​

  12. No running on deck or engaging in other activities that could be considered dangerous.​

  13. No floating objects in the deep end of the pool. If the pool is crowded, no floating objects will be allowed in any area.​​

  14. Wear appropriate swimwear only – no cutoff jeans or cloth diapers without plastic pants are allowed in the main pool or kiddie pool. If your child is not potty-trained, they must wear a swim diaper.​

  15. No animals are allowed in the pool area.​​

  16. NO GLASS or HAZARDOUS OBJECTS ALLOWED in the pool area.​

  17. No loud radios permitted.​​

  18. No gum inside fenced area of pool.​​

  19. No food or drink allowed in the pool or on the deck within 4 feet of the water. Keep food near the tables and clean up after yourself!​

  20. No sitting on the rope.​​

  21. No one over 200 pounds is allowed on the diving board. 

  22. No Stunt Diving is allowed on the diving board.

  23. ​Any person(s) suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs are prohibited from entering the pool area.

  24. People who appear to be afflicted with cuts, skin disease, communicable diseases, colds, fever, infection or other physical ailments are prohibited from entering the pool area.

  25. ​​​All persons using the swimming pool shall take a shower before entering the pool.

  26. Lifeguards and Pool Committee members shall have the authority to discipline swimmers and any other persons within the pool facility. They will use their best judgment and sole discretion consistent with these pool rules.​ Disciplinary action may include temporary removal from the pool, immediate expulsion from the pool or further disciplinary action. Lifeguards are expected to enforce these rules and regulations and are permitted to call law enforcement authorities if their instructions are ignored or to request assistance in dealing with any unsafe or unusual situation.

                                                                                                                                              Rev. 8/8/2021


Disciplinary Action

In an effort to prevent some of the confrontation that occasionally occurs, the Pool Committee has asked that residents and their guests refrain from abusive language, disorderly behavior, inappropriate behavior, and other infractions of the existing rules.


Should there be problems with individuals at the pool, the following disciplinary action will be followed.


  • First Offense:  Individual will be given a warning by the Life Guard or Pool Committee member


  • Second Offense:  Individual will sit out of the pool for 10 minutes.     


  • Third Offense:  Individual will lose pool privileges for that day.     


Any individual that has their pool privileges suspended for a day; 3 times will not be allowed in the pool area until the individual or their parents/guardian attends a meeting with the Board of Directors to resolve the issues causing the suspensions of their privileges.

The Pool Committee wants to insure a safe and pleasurable summer at the pool for all POF residents. Your adherence to the rules and regulations will help them accomplish this goal.


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